Texas Safety Network


A web based incident reporting tool for hospitals in Texas. Personnel can report different kind of events based on the common formats required by the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The events can be reviewed, assigned or closed by safety committee, risk manager and other appropriate individuals.

Generating the Report

Users, usually the risk manager of the hospital, are required to select the the criteria they want to generate through the sidebar. After the user selects the criteria on the side bar and clicks create report, reports will be generated. There are two kinds of report, a text report and a graph report. The text report renders all the data that fits the selected criteria, while the graph reports do some statistical calculation of the data and gives a graph. In this way, a risk manager can easily see the trend of what is causing the incidents in the hospital by doing different aggregating and statiscal calculation of the data.

Creating the report

Staff at the hospital can report an incident through the system by answering various questions. This is where the data are collected for future analysis.